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Designing logos and corporate visual identity

We design logos and brands. The recipe for creating a strong visual identity consists of good taste, intuition, and research. A logo may seem like just a word written in a certain font. Sometimes the font is plain and boring. Simplicity is the key, and the details create the final result, which is subconsciously noticed. We believe that the corporate visual identity we create represents companies excellently.

CVI or brandbook

What makes a good logo?

When creating a strong brand identity, we prefer more classical solutions. We like to experiment and create more unique solutions as well, but these are usually used for temporary or event logos. Sometimes, when the logo will be mainly used digitally, we allow ourselves a more dynamic approach.

A good logo should distinguish the company from its competitors, meaning it should have character. One-color usage is strongly recommended. The logo should be readable even in small sizes. We don't think that the logo necessarily has to follow the latest design trends. A good logo is timeless and memorable.

We are happy to take on the challenge and help take your brand to the next level.

Logo in businesscard

Brandbook ak. Corporate Visual Identity manual

Sounds complicated? CVI or "Corporate Visual Identity" is the document we're talking about. We can also use the term brand book or logo usage guidelines. The latter is probably the narrowest and most restrictive, but the purpose of the document is not to make things more complicated.

The purpose of a brand book is to record the rules for using the company's visual identity. Depending on the size of the brand book, it may also contain a lot more, from the company's values to the defined communication tone.

Brandbook colors
Brandbook typography

At a minimum, the brand book should include the logo's usable versions and rules, the company's colors and fonts, and usually the basic design examples of branding materials such as business cards, letterheads, advertising templates, presentation slides, newsletter and website design views, social media posts, and other graphic design.

Brand is important

Brand is not just a logo. The logo is a part of the brand. A brand is a customer's perception of a product, service, or company. It's unique for every customer. The fact is that customers react positively to good design. It creates trust and shows the company's strength. Companies with a strong brand receive more inquiries and make more sales as a result.