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UI/UX design

UI/UX interfaces designed at Give UI/UX agency are visually appealing and provide a smooth user experience. We are the perfect partner for startups and businesses looking to progress with UI/UX design at a fast pace and focus on results rather than excessive fine-tuning. Unlike UX design focused agencies, we value modern and cutting-edge UI design. Poor visual design can lead to mediocre usability, resulting in reduced overall user experience and customer satisfaction.

Home automation SAAS dashboard UX/UI design

UI/UX design meaning

UI and UX design are tightly intertwined, and both are crucial for the successful launch of a digital product. A product with poor usability can never achieve success, while a visually outdated or unprofessional product will also fall short. Unlike agencies that solely focus on usability, at Give, we blend contemporary design with extensive experience in crafting user-friendly digital products.

UX Design (User Experience Design)

UX design focuses on crafting user experiences that make products and services user-friendly, usable, and enjoyable. It involves a user-centered approach, where designers research, analyze, and understand user needs to create user interfaces and interactions based on that understanding.

The goal of UX design is to ensure a smooth and memorable user experience that aligns with both user expectations and business objectives. In the context of web applications and user interfaces, this means that UX design focuses on how everything works: what information is presented on the screen, the order in which it is presented, and the sequence of steps a user must take.

UI Design (User Interface Design)

UI design focuses on designing user interfaces that make products and services visually appealing, functional, and trustworthy. It involves the work of designers on layout, colors, typography, sizes, icons, and other visual elements to create a user interface that aligns with the brand.

The goal of UI design is to create visual solutions that support UX design and provide a pleasant user experience. In the context of web applications and user interfaces, this means that UI design focuses on how everything looks: the colors and fonts used, the grid system applied, and the spacing between different content elements and their margins.

UI/UX design is worth the investment

Investing in UX/UI design is worthwhile as it plays a significant role in ensuring user satisfaction and long-term success in digital products and services. A good user experience increases user engagement, improves conversion rates, and helps build a strong and positive brand image. Investing in UX/UI design enables companies to differentiate themselves in the market, gain a competitive advantage, and foster long-term customer loyalty. In this way, it contributes to successful and profitable business operations.

Climatetech dashboard UI/UX design

B2B UI/UX Design Solutions

A significant portion of the UI design projects we work on are not visible to the average web user. When it comes to B2B web software, one might think that design is not important because most people won't see it. However, that is not entirely true.

Visually modern and well-thought-out design solutions also increase employee satisfaction. A skillfully crafted and user-friendly interface saves employees' time and can reduce the occurrence of errors through thoughtful usability. In the case of B2B applications targeted towards clients, the volume of customer support provided can significantly impact a company's expenses. Clear design eliminates the need for end-users to seek additional information, thus reducing support inquiries.

B2C UI/UX Design Solutions

Utilizing design solutions targeted towards everyday consumers allows for the automation of workflows and saves time for both the company and end-users. Thoughtfully planned systems and processes reduce errors and increase customer satisfaction.

When designing user interfaces for B2C applications, slightly different rules apply compared to website design. The amount of information presented is often different, and users must perform specific actions or receive feedback through the system. Many digital products compete for users' attention. Once pricing and business logic are in place, it is the brand, usability, and visual appearance that can create a strong customer relationship.

Design systems

A design system is a structured collection of reusable elements, components, guidelines, and principles used in the design process. It helps ensure visual consistency, enhance collaboration among design teams, and accelerate the development of new products and services. A design system allows for more efficient management of design elements, such as colors, fonts, icons, buttons, and forms, ensuring they are consistent and of high quality across various applications and platforms within an organization.

A company may have multiple design systems or a collection of systems for different services and products. The simplest example could be that the marketing website and digital product utilize different design systems. While they may have some commonalities, each system may have a distinct approach based on specific requirements. The terms design system and UI kit (user interface kit) are often confused with each other.

UI/UX design of medical booking dashboard
UI-kit ≠ design system

At Gives, we typically do not create new design systems. Most of our clients do not yet benefit from using a design system. Additionally, creating a design system is a significant amount of work and can be overwhelming for a small digital agency. However, if your company already has a design system in place, we can work with it and help enhance it with new components and patterns if needed. We are ready to provide our expertise and support in creating design systems, focusing on UI design or analyzing an existing design system.

We can assist in creating UI kits. Typically, we create UI kits in Figma, but we can also use Sketch or discuss the creation of a React-based front-end kit, depending on your preferences.

Dashboard UI UX design

We Assist You with UI/UX Design

We provide comprehensive UI/UX solutions according to your design needs. We explore your users' requirements and propose an optimal design process. As a result, we create unique design solutions specifically tailored to address challenges and align seamlessly with your brand.