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Mobile App Design

We design modern and user-friendly mobile applications. We have experience with web-based, iOS, and Android mobile apps.

Mobile app design

A good mobile app

In our projects, we bring business goals together with user needs. Mobile applications have made our lives easier. The usability of mobile applications and mobile websites is increasing, and they are becoming more important for all businesses. To win customers and create a positive experience for them, it is important to have a well-designed mobile application.

There are over 1.5 million apps on the App Store and over 2 million on Google Play. Statistics show that 23% of users launch a mobile app only once.

One important reason why people abandon apps is because they are not convenient to use. By designing thoughtfully and solving user problems, this can be avoided.

Usability and visual design

The best user experience is often unnoticed. Users are becoming more professional and acquiring the latest techniques for using apps faster and more conveniently.

We have experience designing mobile apps since the first version of the iPhone and creating operating system prototypes for Huawei. At Give, we do not have a uniform process that fits all applications. We find solutions and adjust our processes to create the best results at a reasonable cost.

When it comes to a more complex application, we start prototyping from the beginning. We simulate the user experience of the application through simple wireframes. The advantage of using wireframes is a faster creation process.

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Visual design supports usability. Even the most beautiful design cannot make a poor user experience positive. However, bad design can ruin the entire app.

Mobile app prototyping

We create both clickable and only animated prototypes at Gives. Clickable prototypes are ideal for conducting user testing.

We use animated prototypes to visualize our ideas and provide input to developers. Well-designed animation improves usability and makes using the application more engaging. Animation helps the user understand movement between different views and provides feedback on actions.