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Landing pages

Landing pages, are focused web pages specifically designed for sales or collecting customer contacts. We have created hundreds of landing pages.

Responsive landing page design

Design and Development of Landing Pages

As with a regular website, design plays a crucial role in achieving success with landing pages. Users take just 0.05 seconds to form an opinion, and this can only be achieved through deliberate design. Creating high-converting landing pages is a marathon, not a sprint.

Landing page disain
Landing page development and animation

We create web code that is understandable for web browsers from landing page designs. If necessary, we integrate with APIs. We animate and customize your sales page to bring maximum results.

Conversion optimization

The best results are not achieved overnight. Just like in sports, consistent effort is required to achieve good results. At Gives, we have created landing pages for various types of clients, with the most experience in the fields of banking, insurance, healthcare, and telecommunications.

AB testing

AB testing simply means that two competing versions of a web page are shown to users. An equal number of visitors are sent to both versions, and then the results are measured to see which version performs better. AB testing is one of the simplest and most accurate ways to improve the effectiveness of your digital campaigns.

Would you like a landing page?

The use of sales-oriented landing pages is beneficial for any business. Flexibility and responsiveness make Give a great partner in creating digital advertising campaigns and product pages.